Information Technology

Information Technology

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Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Information Technology Directorate is responsible for catering to and conducting Enstitü's Information Technology needs in the most efficient way. It establishes, operates, maintains and repairs or have repaired the information technology infrastructure required by Enstitü headquarters and centres abroad. It purchases, installs, maintains and repairs the communication systems and all kinds of electronic systems. It provides online and offline data flow and coordination with inter-system and end points. It conducts and implements all kinds of required operations for sharing information on the web, data collection, publishing, e-mail, etc. It is responsible for the preparation, implementation, follow-up, measurement and supervision of data security policies. It ensures that all needs of Enstitü and end units, concerning system-network management, information-system security, software-application, hardware-spare parts, are met.

It coordinates and controls the information technology activities of Enstitü centres abroad. It is responsible for the development of information technology needs and implementation of investment.


Acting Director: İsmail ŞAHİN