Strategy Development and Corporate Communications

Strategy Development and Corporate Communications

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Yunus Emre Institute's Strategy Development and  Corporate Communications Directorate is responsible for developing strategies and policies to determine the methods, tools, and resources to be used for conducting the Institute's activities as well as the time frame in which these activities should be performed, in cooperation with the relevant units, and for ensuring open and effective communication within and outside the Institute and for carrying out activities to promote the Institute.

In this context, the Directorate prepares the Institute's strategic plan, annual budget and activity schedule, conducts preliminary studies for the cultural centers to be opened, determine the locations of the cultural centers to be opened in coordination with the relevant institutions and Institute's units, creates country and region strategies, performs productivity analyses in the light of the reports from the cultural centers and units, provide recommendations to the management, supports the visibility and recognition of the Institute as a brand, develops new communication strategies for the sound performance of the promotional activities, manages media relations, the Internet page and social media accounts, and prepares the Institute's annual report. 


Director: Bülent UÇPUNAR