Albanian Actress Nik Xhelilaj Met with Her Fans

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Nik Xhelilaj, who made a name for herself with the Turkish TV series "Kayıp Şehir", was hosted at Yunus Emre Meetings organized through the collaboration of Tirana, Pristina, Prizren and Peja Yunus Emre Institutes. The famous artist talked about her art career and journey in Turkey. 

The "Yunus Emre Meetings" organized by Tirana Yunus Emre Institute are continued in the digital media. Nik Xhelilaj was the guest of the programme held on Saturday April 24 at 18.00, organized through the collaboration of Pristina, Prizren and Peja Yunus Emre Institutes. The event was moderated by the beloved host of Albanian channels Evi Reçi.

Xhelilaj is known for her successful acting in many TV series and movies shot in Albania, Germany and especially Turkey. The actress mentioned that she started her career with the film "The Sorrow of Mrs. Schneider" shot in Prague, but the film that enabled her to reach many countries was "The Albanian".



Nik Xhelilaj said that she was spending her time in Berlin and Istanbul during the pandemic and answered the questions about her acting career. She emphasized that effort, courage and persistence were very important in an acting career.


Xhelilaj answered the questions of the Ajten Ajeti Sedreni from Pristina "Which role left the most memorable mark on you? How did the Turkish TV series affect your career?" as follows:

"My role in the Kayıp Şehir TV series left beautiful marks in my life. The Turkish TV series were important for me in terms of gaining more experience with the camera and the set. I started receiving offers after the first TV series. Also, I made great friends in my private life. I love Istanbul very much and feel like a Turk.".

Xhelilaj also mentioned that she could get together with the students of Tirana Yunus Emre Institute this year.

The event ended with the Turkish students' questions and was followed by thousands of people.

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