Anatolian Flavors in Warsaw

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Warsaw Yunus Emre Institute has organized the "Historical Turkish Cuisine Workshop" in cooperation with Wilanów Palace.

During the event held with a huge audience between February 17 and 18, 2020, Poland's famous chefs had a chance to learn about Turkish dishes under the guidance of chef M. Ömür Akkor.

Bringing Anatolia's flavors to Warsaw, chef Akkor's emphasis was on Seljuk and Ottoman recipes.

The workshop also showcased the bread made from the wheat grown using the seeds found in Göbeklitepe as well as the 179-year-old natural sourdough. Akkor briefed the participants also about Anatolia's culinary culture. Noting that the Hittites would eat honey and olive oil at the beginning of their meals, Akkor told the participants to do the same.

The first day of the event, at Willa Intrata, was attended by Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Warsaw, bureaucrats, directors, academics, journalists, gourmets, bloggers, owners of famous restaurants in Poland, famous chefs and company officials.

 On the second day, the head cook of Novotel Warsaw and 20 participants attended the event. All participants indicated they were impressed by the workshop and Turkish dishes.

The Institute continues to bring together Turkey leading chefs with fans of Turkish cuisine at various locations around the world as part of its culinary diplomacy efforts.