Businesswomen Met In Khartoum

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Yunus Emre Institute in Khartoum held a wonderful event that brought together Sudanese businesswomen. In the event called "Businesswomen Meeting", the steps needed for Sudanese businesswomen to sign for more initiatives and contribute more to the Sudanese economy were discussed as well as the steps for more of them to be entrepreneurs. The concrete solutions needed for Sudanese businesswomen to be more active both in their home country and in the international arena were also on the table.  

Sudanese businesswomen met in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. At the event held on April 5, 2021, at Yunus Emre Institute in Khartoum, Sudanese businesswomen, and young people came together and exchanged ideas about business life.

With the Businesswomen Meeting, it is aimed that Sudanese women entrepreneurs will produce projects that will assume leading roles both in their own countries and in the international arena.

The Businesswomen Forum, which reflects on the spirit of youth among women in order to create a leading base of Sudanese women both in the country and in the international area, took part in the program. A large number of businesswomen from various business areas participated in it.

The program, which is one of the events of the "Pioneer Feed Arts" project held every year to celebrate International Women's Day, aims to establish new partnerships and honor businesswomen.


Experienced businesswomen shared their experiences with young people by answering these questions: “What is it like to be a businesswoman in Sudan? What is the role of women in the commercial life of Sudan? "   

İjlal İsmail, director of the "Pioneer Feed" project, and Maarij Beldo and Fatima Altigani from the project's Media and Public Relations Department talked about their experiences in the business world.


A Research and Development Specialist in the Faisal Islamic Bank, Dr. Mai Hashim brought up the works carried out for a better future by entrepreneur women. Dr. Hashim underlined that Sudan's economy will be further strengthened by the efforts of entrepreneur women. Hashim further added that the growth of emerging businesses in various areas creates foundations supporting businesswomen, and spoke of the need to support businesswomen for a brighter future.


Muntaha Abdullah Mohamed, the founder of the community named Bitagdari, gave a speech on the role of entrepreneur women in business. Mohamed said that there are new opportunities for women in the field of female entrepreneurship and that sharing these opportunities is important in terms of increasing the number of entrepreneur women. Muntaha Abdullah Mohamed, who expressed that the forum was established to help build partnerships, said: “This forum is one of the most distinguished female communities to help build partnerships. I am very pleased to be present at the Businesswomen's Forum, and to contribute to the economic and social empowerment of women." 



Feed Arst corporate group stated the following in their presentation:

“In the entrepreneurial community, we may encounter many different challenges and obstacles that disappoint us and drive all of us to despair, especially in starting a business, taking the first step, and reaching the first step of your goal. These obstacles can sometimes make us give up on our dreams. But in the business journey, we like to build, we will learn from old experiences and challenges, and we will follow the lead of the experiences to continue on the way we started. And how do we face these challenges? We must continue our journey in search of answers to these questions.”

Sharing their experience in the program, women working in the industries of food, cosmetics, and personal development education agreed to develop joint projects among themselves and create a common platform.

The program was completed by awarding the young participants with certificate of participation.