Documentary Film Workshop in Azaz

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Azaz Yunus Emre Institute, which organizes courses and workshops in many areas of art, starts Documentary Film and Music Workshops on July, 1.

Azaz Yunus Emre Institute continue to provide education in many art branches at full steam. The institute has added a new one to its many useful training programs, such as calligraphy within the scope of traditional Turkish crafts, painting under Fine Arts, Theatre in the Performing Arts, photoshop within the scope of digital courses and organic soap making in the field of aromatherapy. Azez Yunus Emre Institute starts its Documentary Film Workshop and Music Workshop trainings as of July 1, 2021.


As part of the Documentary Film Workshop, trainings will be given in many areas such as photography, short film shooting, editing. A short film competition will also be held within the workshop. 

Some of the themes that will be provided within the scope of the courses held in the Documentary Film Workshop are listed as follows:

  • What is a documentary film? 
  • Why make a documentary film?
  • How to determine the target audience?
  • Scientific research and information gathering
  • Defining a topic and writing a script
  • Shooting
  • Installation


A Turkish, Arabic and Kurdish repertoire is planned to be prepared by September of this year with students studying within the scope of the music workshop. After the repertoire, the institute plans to organize a series of concerts. With the opening of schools in September, mini concerts featuring Turkish songs are also among the plans.

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