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The interest in Turkish is on the rise despite the coronavirus pandemic. Having intensified its Turkish teaching activities via digital venues, Yunus Emre Institute has reached out to 5,000 new students all around the world.

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic which has virtually stopped all activity around the globe, the interest in Turkish is rising. Yunus Emre Institute sees the pandemic not as a crisis or deadlock, but as an opportunity to scale up its Turkish language courses. The Institute's efforts to organize numerous Turkish teaching courses on digital venues continue apace. The online courses are expected to attract some 5,000 people who seek to learn Turkish by the end of June. During the same period, the Institute has prepared and published various videos to facilitate Turkish learning all around the world. The videos prepared by the Institute's instructors during the outbreak have been watched by hundreds of thousands of people.

Online Language Activities Geared For Everyone

Yunus Emre Institute continues to organized language and culture activities all around the globe regardless of changing conditions. Under these challenging conditions, the Institute organizes online Turkish language courses to address the increasing demand for learning Turkish. Thanks to the online courses, the Institute's formal training programs in many countries can be maintained, and at the same time, thousands of people can be reached in the countries without such Turkish language courses. In addition, the people who seek to learn Turkish, but lack facilities to do so can make use of the online courses.

With participants from all age groups, the Turkish courses pave the way for new friendships. Conducted in the affectionate climate of Turkish culture, the Turkish teaching activities also strengthen the bonds of friendship between the countries.

The Institute's digital Turkish teaching activities include courses and programs designed for different levels and expectations.  



The Turkish Training Portal serves 400,000 users from 194 countries.

In addition to online courses, diverse training content is also offered for those who want to learn Turkish in a successful manner. The Turkish Teaching Portal launched by the Institute in 2018 is one of these facilities. The portal allows its users to learn Turkish from A1 to C2 levels using a computer-assisted, interactive mechanism. The portal has users from virtually all countries around the world. The portal has mustered 400,000 uses from 194 countries in just two years.  


Rehearsals with videos on Institute's YouTube channel

Students can rehearse any topic and improve their Turkish skills using the videos released on the Institute's YouTube channel, in addition to the online courses. The training videos prepared in accordance with the order of topics in the Yedi İklim Turkish sets and posted on the Institute's YouTube channel.


The Turkish Conversation Clubs have become a gathering place for diverse cultures.

The international conversation clubs on the digital platforms support the more effective learning of Turkish. During the outbreak when all countries have virtually isolated themselves, the Turkish speaking clubs are bridging diverse countries and cultures. In these clubs, people from different countries use Turkish to discuss universal problems of mankind. 


Yunus's Message Echoed All Around the World With Turkish

Inspired by distinguish folk poet Yunus Emre's motto, "Come, Let Us Get Acquainted," the Institute has been conducting its activities in 58 centers all around the world and it has recently created opportunities out of the outbreak. The Institute has moved its existing Turkish language courses to the digital platforms, and launched new Turkish courses in approximately 15 countries, tapping into the benefits provided by the online platforms. People from all age groups who have ties with Turkey and are keen to learn Turkish have been given the opportunity to attend these courses initiated by the Institute in Spain, France, Mexico, Argentine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei.


There is strong interest in Yunus Emre Institute's online courses in Latin American and Southeastern Asian countries.

The online Turkish courses for Argentine and Mexico will start on June 8, 2020. 400 people in Argentine and 1,000 people in Mexico have registered for the Turkish courses. The preparations for the courses to be launched in Venezuela, Chile, and Colombia are underway.  




Some 1,000 people from Turkic countries will attend the online courses.

The Turkish language courses organized by Yunus Emre Institute's Baku branch for the Turkic world will take wing on June 8, 2020. In these online courses, about 1,000 people from the Turkic countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan will learn Turkish as spoken in Turkey.


New courses are launched for Southeastern Asian countries.

The online Turkish courses organized by Yunus Emre Institute’s Kuala Lumpur branch are garnering a great deal of attention. So far 2,000 Turkish fans from Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei have applied for the courses. These courses will soon be launched.


The digital courses have expanded the access of Yunus Emre Institute.

Seeing the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to reach out to people, the Institute has scaled up its Turkish language courses across the entire country in the countries where it has cultural centers. The courses supported by the instructors from Ankara can now provide services to all cities across the country, not only to the cities where the Institute's cultural centers are located, in European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Romania and the UK. 

Likewise, the courses in the US are no longer restricted to Washington, but accept students from all states in the country. The courses accept students also from Canada, and special efforts are made to address the high demand. 

Amusing contests with a technology-assisted placement test.

Yunus Emre Institute is providing Turkish trainees with an opportunity to measure their Turkish skills with a technology-assisted placement test. Implemented first at the University of Beijing in China, this technology-assisted placement test was appreciated greatly by the trainees of Yunus Emre Institute. This placement test is also applied in other centers such as those in Comrat, Berlin, Kuala Lumpur and Amman, while Yunus Emre Institute's Sarajevo branch has organized an amusing contest using the test.



Yunus Emre Institute has taught hundreds of thousands of people Turkish at universities, schools and cultural center and offers different alternatives for Turkish instruction.


Turkish language courses are given to different groups at different levels in line with demands at our Cultural Centers. Special purposes courses such as for business Turkish, Turkish for kids, translation classes, and Turkish for the press and media, are also organized at our centers in addition to the general Turkish courses.

Our Cultural Centers



Yunus Emre Institute aims to teach Turkish independently of time and space through the Distant Turkish Teaching Portal which has been prepared through the use of contemporary technological facilities. In this direction, word lists and language information structures determined according to levels in Distant Turkish Teaching Portal are displayed in stages and the structures frequently used by students in daily life are taught with activities based on four basic language skills.

Turkish Teaching Portal:



Thanks to the video lessons prepared by our expert Turkish teachers based on the “Yedi İklim Türkçe” textbooks, you can learn Turkish without enrolling onto a course. You can watch the videos, arranged by topic, by clicking the link below.

Video Courses Page: Videos


The courses launched during the outbreak and scaled up for the whole world will be maintained after the outbreak with support from hundreds of instructors. It is possible to learn Turkish with online courses in Argentine, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Canada, or in any place around the globe. Thanks to these courses, people in the countries where the Institute does not have any cultural center will be able to learn Turkish with help from expert instructors.