Great Interest for Istanbul Turkish in Kazakhstan

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Yunus Emre Institute continues its Turkish teaching events and cultural activities in digital platforms after the pandemic, and its digital Turkish courses are of great interest in Kazakhstan. 8,000 students from all around Kazakhstan have applied for the Institute's digital Turkish courses.

Since 2009, Yunus Emre Institute has been reinforcing the friendship between Turkey and other countries by improving the cultural interactions through its centers located in different geographies. The Institute advances with unique steps in the field of cultural diplomacy and continues its Turkish teaching and culture-art activities by organizing digital events without slowing down after the pandemic first appeared in the world. The institute carried out many projects that eliminated borders and distances.


The Institute has a center in Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, where it continues to teach Turkish and has provided a new opportunity for those who lived in different cities of the country and are interested in Turkish language and culture. In this context, after the Turkish language courses were advertised all around Kazakhstan, the Institute commenced its Turkish language courses for 8,000 students with its expert lecturers in digital platforms. The high-ranking bureaucrats, artists, press and university students showed great interest for the courses.


The courses, in which the common culture and values of the Turkish world will be discussed, are planned to continue for two months, three days and nine hours a week. In addition, 30 Kazakh students who are successful in the test at the end of the course will be gifted round-trip flight tickets to Turkey. Thus, the students will have the opportunity to learn the Turkish language and Turkey in its original location.


For the Turkish language teaching during the pandemic, the courses delivered in physical environments of the overseas centers were digitalized by the expert lecturers. Rich materials were prepared in order to improve the four basic language skills of the students throughout their Turkish learning processes in the digital platforms. The printed materials of the Institute were digitalized. Furthermore, new video contents for the levels of A1, A2, B1 and B2 were produced and published in the YouTube page of the Institute. In addition to these, with the Institute's website, the door for the Turkish language, culture and Turkey was opened for tens of thousands of people who want to learn Turkish in geographies where cultural centers are not present.



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