International Women's Day Was Celebrated with the Joint Programme of the YEE and Eunic Netherlands

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Amsterdam Yunus Emre Institute participated in an online concert organized by the Cervantes Institute and EUNIC NL within the framework of the activities for the 2021 International Women's Day. Many artists including the Belgian musician Esinam, French pianist Luciede Saint Vincent, Italian pianist and composer Rita Marcotulli, Turkish composer and pianist Meliha Doğuduyal, Maltese singer Alexandra Alden, Latvian artists Gabriele Žemaitytė and Eglė Petrošiūtėyer performed in the concert.

Amsterdam Yunus Emre Institute, Eunic Netherlands and Cervantes Institute organized a celebration for the March 8 International Women's Day. This year’s theme for the event was the role of women in the music world, and during the concert that was organized for the event, the fact that the vocals and compositions of female musicians were being unheard for a while, as in all other disciplines, was brought up. Many different works were performed in the programme which aimed to create an awareness for the recognition of the skills and creativity of the female musicians in today's society and to contribute to popularizing the works of these artists. 

The musical works that are composed by various female artists from different locations in Europe were performed in the concert.



This meaningful programme, in which we had a chance to hear the beautiful voice of the Belgian musician Esinam, helped everyone enjoy the music from the melodies of the French pianist Lucie de Saint Vincent to the Italian pianist and composer Rita Marcotulli, the Turkish composer and pianist Meliha Doğuduyal and the Maltese singer Alexandra Alden. Gabriele Žemaitytė and Eglė Petrošiūtė from Latvia brightened up the concert with their voices and pianos. 

The Slovenian composer Petra Strahovnik participated in this music fest with an opera project and the saxophonist Pia Reš participated with her saxophone composition.

The programme was organized with the collaboration of the Dutch Culture House de Brakke Grond, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Yunus Emre Institute, Alliance Française Rotterdam, Institut Francais, Republic of Malta Embassy, Malta Tourism Authority, and the Republic of Slovenia Embassy.

The musicians and the works performed in the concert are as follows:

Composer and pianist Meliha Doğuduyal / Work: Oriental Elegy (2020) and Gönderilmemiş Mektuplar (Unsent Letters)

Composer Meliha Doğuduyal / Work: Improvisation

Composer and pianist Rita Marcotulli / Work: "Itinarary" and "Shadow of a Woman"

Composer and Singer Alexandra Alden / Work: "The Night"

Composer Fanny Mendelssohn / Work: "Two Preludes"

Composer Konstancija Brundzaitė / Work: Balerinanirela B (in memory of Marko Sosič)

Composer Petra Strahovnik / Work: Lenient Fervent

Composer and Saxophonist Pia Reš / Work: "There" and "Nowhere"

Composer Justina Šikšnelytė / Work: Children's Song

Composer and Singer Esinam Dogbatse / Work: Electric Lady and Etude n.111: Allegro di Moltoed agitato

Composer Hélène de Montgeroult / Work: Etude III: Allegretto / Etude I: Allegro 

Composer Marie Bigot

Pianist Lucie de Saint Vincent 

Pianist Gabriele Žemaitytė 

Singer Eglė Petrošiūtė 


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