"From Nizami to Yunus: Looking through Unity"

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The theatre play "From Nizami to Yunus: Looking through Unity" was performed in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, since it was the 880th birth anniversary of Nizami Ganjavi and 700th death anniversary of Yunus Emre.


The play "From Nizami to Yunus: Looking through Unity" was performed by the students of Baku Yunus Emre Institute and Azerbaijan National Conservatory Fine Arts School at the International Mugham Center. Assoc. Prof. Cahit Bağcı, the Ambassador of Turkey in Baku, Ferit Veçhi, the Baku Representative of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Branko Zebiç, the Ambassador of Croatia in Baku, Rafael Poborski, the Ambassador of Poland in Baku, representatives of foreign missions of different countries and parliamentarians of Azerbaijan were among the audience who saw the play "From Nizami to Yunus: Looking through Unity", which narrated the philosophies and ideas of Nizami Ganjavi and Yunus Emre.

In his speech at the event, Assoc. Prof. Cahit Bağcı, the Ambassador of Turkey in Baku, reminded that UNESCO declared 2021 the Year of Yunus Emre due to his 700th death anniversary, Turkey declared 2021 the Year of Yunus Emre and Turkish Language, and Azerbaijan declared 2021 the Year of Nizami Ganjavi due to his 880th birth anniversary.


Bağcı stated that it was quite meaningful to commemorate Nizami Ganjavi, the greatest representative of the Azeri literature and culture, and Yunus Emre, one of the greatest poets of Turkish literature and Turkish language, at the same time and said the following:

"Voice of Yunus reaches the present day from 700 years before by overcoming all obstacles of time. This voice has Anatolia's charm, sound of its rivers, howling of its winds and echoes of its mountains. Thus, Yunus Emre is a universal poet with his words and poems that go beyond the ages. Yunus Emre, who preached loving and embracing the entire humanity without discriminating anyone for their language, religion or race, was a great thinker who could think beyond his age and a great poet whose heart was bigger than the entire world. Yunus Emre, the founder of the modern Turkey Turkish and the architect of Turkey's heart, was a unique artist who provided recipes of salvation for the entire humanity, and a great poet, but most importantly, was an exceptional human being whose heart and faith was filled with love.

The year of 2021 was declared as the Year of Yunus Emre by the decision of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and also the year of Nizami Ganjavi by the decision of Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan. Today, I am happy to see that this decision is materialized."

Selçuk Karakılıç, the Director of Baku Yunus Emre Institute, mentioned that they prepared a theatre play as the Institute in order to commemorate the two great poets of Turkey and Azerbaijan on their anniversaries, to transfer their messages to new generations, and to bring new life to these difficult days.



Karakılıç stated that Yunus Emre was one of the personalities that could best express Turkey's external side and that Nizami Ganjavi was a key that brought new voice and life to the world literature with his immortal works.

Karakılıç mentioned that Ganjavi was a great poet who not only synthesized the cultural values of Azerbaijan but also the universal values of the period he lived in and stated that Ganjavi also had an exceptional level of love for humanity, just like Yunus.


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