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"Turkish and Qatari Music Concert" in Doha

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

"Melodies Rising from the Cities / Turkish and Qatari Music Concert" was held in Katara Cultural Village with the sponsorship of Turkish Embassy in Doha, Doha Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center, Qatar Museums, and Turkish Airlines.

Held at the Katara Drama Theater, inspired by Doha's traditional building architecture, the concert aims to strengthen cultural ties between Qatar, a UNESCO design city, and Kırşehir, a UNESCO music city.

After the speech of Turkish Ambassador to Doha Dr. M. Mustafa Göksu, Qatari Artist Abdulrahman Al-Thani played three pieces inspired by Qatari music. Afterward, Turkish singers Dr. Evrim Kaşıkçı and Osman Ekşi sang folk songs from different regions of Turkey.

The concert, which was held with great enthusiasm and intense participation, was attended by Qataris and Turks and foreigners residing in Qatar.


On October 12, 2022, "Turkish Sufi Music Concert" was performed by Latif Bolat, Sinan Söyler, and Yusuf İlker Karaaslan at Doha Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center.

Latif Bolat, Musician, Composer, Turkish Music, and Folklore Specialist, who has been living in the USA for many years, has been working to promote the mysterious philosophy and music of Anatolia and continues his concert and conference activities all over the world. Latif Bolat, who came to Qatar for the first time, promoted Turkish Sufi music in Doha.

At the end of the concert performed by Latif Bolat and Ney artists Sinan Söyler and Yusuf İlker Karaaslan, Director of Doha Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center Prof. Dr. Ömer Özkan presented certificates of appreciation to the artists.

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