Turkish Conversation Course in the Magical World of Turkish Cinema

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Pristina, Prizren and Peja Yunus Emre Institutes are organizing a colorful conversation course for those who are learning Turkish, who want to improve their Turkish language skills and who are interested in Turkish Cinema and TV series. In the Turkish Cinema and TV Series Conversation Courses, the students are learning valuable information about the Turkish Cinema and sharing their knowledge with other participants.

B2 level Turkish Cinema and TV Series Conversation Course with the Turkish Teacher Roni Ramizi.


Yunus Emre Institutes located in the Kosovan cities of Pristina, Prizren and Peja are organizing a course to improve the speaking skills of Turkish learners. With the Turkish Cinema and TV Series Conversation Courses, the participants improve their Turkish speaking skills and learn about the world of Turkish Cinema and TV Series



The B2 level courses delivered by the Turkish Teacher Murat Baca include current films from the Turkish Cinema.

The courses are delivered at A1, A2 and B2 levels by expert Turkish teachers. The A1 level course is organized by Rrezarta Kuleta, the A2 level course is organized by Murat Baca, and the B2 level course is organized by Roni Ramizi.


The courses of all three levels are organized for the students twice a week. The students are learning about both the Turkish Cinema and the Turkish culture through the colorful presentations of the Turkish teachers on the Turkish Cinema and TV series.

The Turkish teachers are delivering quite entertaining presentations about the Turkish Cinema and Turkish TV series during the lectures.










  The students showcase their Turkish skills by singing the Turkish songs that they know during the lectures via Karaoke. 

 A1 level Turkish Cinema and TV Series Conversation Course Organized by the Turkish Teacher Rrezarta Kuleta

The lectures are supported by materials that are prepared according to the levels of the students. The teachers recommend different books and materials in order to help students improve their Turkish language skills.


The students are highly interested in the entertaining lectures. The students are provided the most optimal environment for them to display their Turkish skills during the lectures. The students may sometimes sing the songs that they know via Karaoke. In the interactive environment where students can also share their knowledge about the Turkish Cinema and TV series, the Turkish teachers are teaching subjects that will supplement the students' understanding of Turkish.


The Turkish TV Series and Film Conversation Courses organized by the centers in Pristina, Prizren and Peja of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü  in Kosovo know no bounds. Participants from many countries from Colombia to Algeria, Paraguay to Jordan show great interest in Turkish  Cinema and TV Series Conversation Courses.

You can apply Turkish Cinema and TV Series Conversation Course with the application form below.

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