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This Year's Theme for the Turkish Cultural Agenda is the Turkish Music

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

This year's Turkish Cultural Agenda, which was first published last year, attracts the attention with its theme, Turkish Music. The agenda that also includes the traces of Turkish handcrafts and architecture begins with the works of the famous folk poet Yunus Emre, as it is the 700th anniversary of his death.  

The Turkish Cultural Agenda was first published in 2020, and this second issue brings about a brand-new theme to its users. Each of the weekly sections within the 2021 Turkish Cultural Agenda includes a prominent element of the traditional Turkish Culture. The Turkish Music is presented with all its aspects in the main sections of the agenda.

In 2020, the agenda used the Turkish Red as the theme color for its leather cover and internal design, and this year, it uses the "color of heavens", which has been intensively used by the Turks for thousands of years in every aspect of life. 








The Turkish Cultural Agenda, which was previously published only in Turkish and English, now includes Arabic, French and Russian versions.

The Yunus Emre Institute, one of the most important actors for the Turkish cultural diplomacy, promotes Turkey, its cultural heritage and the Turkish language, culture and art, and ensures that the societies of the world get to know Turkey closer and better. Thus, the Institute started to publish the agenda in five languages. The Yunus Emre Institute added Arabic, French and Russian to the already existing Turkish and English versions of the Turkish Cultural Agenda, and now it distributes the agenda all around the word and brings it to the right target audience. 



Since it is the 700th anniversary of Yunus Emre's death, the Agenda introduces Yunus Emre and his works right at the start. The stamps of the Turkic tribes as well as the traditional Turkish motifs that can be seen in the Turkish carpets, kilims and architectural works are presented in the footnotes together with their meanings.





The prominent festivals and celebrations in Turkey are listed in the agenda. The national days of the other counters that have missions in Turkey are reminded with their countries and flags every week. The index at the end includes the contact information of the public institutions and organizations of Turkey that operate abroad, and provides ease of access to the aforementioned organizations.

The agenda, with many elements from the Turkish culture, is ready to be placed at the desks of its users.


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