Yunus Emre  Commemorated in Vienna on the 700th Anniversary of His Death

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A very special commemoration was held for Yunus Emre in Vienna, the capital of Austria. Vienna Yunus Emre Institute commemorated Yunus Emre, the great Sufist and poet, on the 700th anniversary of his death with "Yunus Emre Commemoration Concert" at the Yunus Emre Fountain in Vienna Türkenschanz Park on  Tuesday September 28, 2021.

The poems of Yunus Emre, which travelled from language to language, heart to heart and which were composed with the forms of Turkish music, met their audience during the open-air concert of the program.

Republic of Turkey's Ambassador in Vienna Ozan Ceyhun, OSCE (The Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe) Permanent Representative Ambassador Hatun Demirer, Vienna Consul General Asip Kaya, Vienna 18th District Mayor Silvia Nossek, and many other guests attended the concert. Vienna Yunus Emre Institute Director Ayşe Yorulmaz gave the opening speech of the program and mentioned their pleasure in organizing such a concert. "The concert we organized today for the 700th death anniversary of the great Sufist and poet Yunus Emre, after whom our Institute was also named, is especially important for us. Throughout his life, Yunus Emre addressed the people with his plain language while handling the subjects of love of nature, tolerance, peace and fellowship. We are proud and happy to be a part of that voice." said Yorulmaz during the program.


Republic of Turkey's Ambassador in Vienna Ozan Ceyhun took the stage after Yorulmaz and spoke about the importance of the Yunus Emre Fountain. Ceyhun mentioned that the Yunus Emre Fountain, built in 1991 by Turkey, is one of the important symbols of the friendship between the two countries and highlighted the importance of carrying this symbol to next generations and protecting it.

Compositions comprised entirely of Yunus Emre's poems were performed during the concert that was held with huge participation.