Yunus Emre Event in Romania

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Under the auspices of the Turkish Embassy in Bucharest, the “Come, Let's Meet” event was held on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, with the organization of Bucharest Yunus Emre Institute.

Traditional Turkish sports, clothes, cuisine and arts were introduced to the guests attending to the event. Foreign diplomats, military attaches and their spouses who served in Romania attended the program

T.C. Bükreş Büyükelçiliği himayesinde 28 Eylül 2021 Salı günü Bükreş Yunus Emre Enstitüsünün organizasyonuyla “Gelin Tanış Olalım” etkinliği düzenlendi.

Etkinliğe katılan misafirlere geleneksel Türk sporu, giysileri, mutfağı ve sanatları tanıtıldı. Programa Romanya’da görev yapan yabancı diplomatlar, askerî ataşeler ve eşleri katıldı.


In the activity held at the residence of the Turkish Embassy in Bucharest, ebru (marbling) artist Rodica Parvan, Turkish archery instructors Cesar Ghioca and Claudiu Lucian Oros gave information about their fields of expertise. Constantin Raileanu, a member of the music group named after the composer, musicologist and artist who wrote poems in Romanian language, Anton Pan, who was born in Wallachia during the Ottoman Empire period, also presented a musical feast to the guests. 

The guests, who were offered Turkish delight, had the opportunity to examine and wear the local clothes of Turkey. The guests, who made their own marbling together with marbling artist Parvan, experienced shooting arrows under the supervision of archery instructors. In addition, they tasted delicious Turkish dishes and listened to unique Turkish music. 


Mustafa Yıldız, Deputy Director of the Yunus Emre Institute in Bucharest, said in his speech at the event:

“We are proud to introduce the ancient and rich Turkish culture. The interest of local and foreign people in Turkish culture in Romania, and the desire to learn Turkish is the biggest factor that makes us enthusiastic. We witness this interest in the courses and events we organize. Seeing this, we are organizing many programs with intensive participation to convey Yunus Emre's understanding of tolerance abroad and to introduce it to foreigners.”

Besides the Turkish and marbling art courses, Bucharest Yunus Emre Institute will also launch the Turkish archery course soon.

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