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Yunus Emre Themed Exhibition and Concert in Skopje

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The "Yunus Emre Gel Gör Beni" (Yunus Emre Come See Me) exhibition and the "Bizim Yunus" (Our Yunus) concert, which was performed with works composed by Yunus Emre's poems, were held on 29 July 2021 as part of the "2021 Year of Yunus Emre and Turkish" in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia.

The event organized to commemorate the 700th anniversary of Yunus Emre's death in cooperation with Skopje Yunus Emre Institute, International Organization of Turkic Culture (TÜRKSOY) and Ankara Maturation Institute was attended by the Ambassador of Turkey to Skopje Hasan Mehmet Sekizkök, TÜRKSOY Secretary General Düsen Kaseinov, MATÜSİTEB Chairman Hüsrev Emin, Skopje Yunus Emre Institute Director Serhat Kula, representatives of Turkish institutions and organizations in the country, politicians and other guests.


Institute Director Kula, stated that they discussed two different elements while describing Yunus Emre in his speech. Expressing that Yunus Emre actually calls out to all of us with the exhibition and the performance of precious works composed with his poems, Kula said, "He always conveys his voice to us, but we want to put some intermediaries in between and reflect it with beauty."

Expressing that the Balkans are lands very close to Yunus Emre, Kula emphasized that Yunus Emre has continued to call on the Balkans for 700 years.


TÜRKSOY Secretary General Kaseinov also stated that Turkish, a world language, should be embraced together. Kaseinov said that the celebrations within the scope of "2021 Year of Yunus Emre and Turkish" should be seen as an opportunity to expand the spiritual treasure.

Kaseinov added, "Our Yunus, the person of science, knowledge and wisdom, left a great legacy and indelible traces in the entire Turkish world, especially in the ancient Anatolian lands. He has established a throne in our hearts with his poems that have been conveyed from heart to heart for centuries."

Pointing out that Yunus Emre's "Come See Me" exhibition is being exhibited in different parts of the world, Kaseinov emphasized that the program will be instrumental in remembering Yunus Emre's universal messages and integrating them with his philosophy.

Within the scope of the program, works composed by Yunus Emre's poems were performed by Abbaz Yahya and his orchestra, and artists such as Muhsin Süleyman.

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