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Albania in the Ottoman Archives Book Series Was Introduced

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

At the March 29 session of the "Yunus Emre Meetings", organized monthly by Tirana Yunus Emre Institute, Albania in the Ottoman Archives (Elbasan, Shkodra, Korçe) written by the author Ermal Nurja was introduced. 


Monthly “Yunus Emre Meetings” organized by Tirana Yunus Emre Institute continue to be held digitally. Dr. Albana Tahiri moderated the programme that was streamed on Monday, March 29 at 18.00 from the Institute library, and the author Ermal Nurja introduced Albania in the Istanbul Ottoman Archives (Elbasan, Shkodra, Korçe) book series.

Republic of Turkey Ambassador to Tirana Murat Ahmet Yörük, Republic of Albania Minister of Culture Elva Margariti and the President of the Turkish Historical Society Prof. Birol Çetin participated in the programme.

In his speech, Ambassador Yörük said, "Today, we have a book that is written by Mr. Ermal Nurja with the support of Elbasan Municipality. This book was shaped and written on the main theme of Albania in the Ottoman Archives at Istanbul, and it is mainly compiled from the documents that attest the developments and historical incidents at Elbasan and its surroundings. I think that this work will undoubtedly be an important resource for researchers, scientists, historians and students of the two countries.".


Republic of Albania Minister of Culture Elva Margariti said, "I am glad that our collaboration continues in different fields, including the archives. We must admit, we have a lot to learn from your rich experience in the field of archives. As a result of our common history, the Ottoman Archives are a treasure not only for Turkey, but also for other countries that were part of the Ottoman Empire. This book is one of the first reliable sources of information that helps scientists, historians and students alike.”.



Prof. Birol Çetin, the President of the Turkish Historical Society, joined the programme through Zoom and said, "I believe that this work will shed light on important periods in the history of Albania. You cannot do anything without Archives in history studies. On this scope, this is a very useful work both in terms of eliminating the speculations and wrong reviews and in terms of illuminating that period.". During the programme, author Ermal Nurja gave information about where the idea of writing the book came from, the process of its formation and its historical significance. It was emphasized that this work would shed light on the works of students, researchers and academics.

The programme was organized by Tirana Yunus Emre Institute with the contributions of Yunus Emre Institute Headquarters in Ankara, and it was followed by thousands of people both in Turkish and Albanian languages.

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