Astana Turkish and Kazak Painters Met in Astana

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

The second Meeting of Kazak-Turkish painters titled “An Art Bridge from Turkey to Kazakhstan and from Astana to Istanbul” was organized jointly by Yunus Emre Institute Astana, Istanbul Küçükçekmece Municipality and Association of Artists in Astana. The event held in Astana on June 27, July 06, 2015. Within the meeting concept, Turkish and Kazak artist group of ten people each, who aimed to develop a visual language between the cities by getting to know each other well, brought Astana to canvas with a common workshop.

The produced works were presented to taste of Kazak art lovers at an exhibition for which the opening was made at Palace of Independence in Astana on July 04, 2015. Opening of the event was attended by Ömer Burhan Tüzel, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Astana; Mehmet Besim Müftüoğlu, Deputy Mayor of Küçükçekmece Municipality; senators, personnel of Astana Governorship, mission chiefs of various countries, academicians and artists.

During his speech, M. Besim Müftüoğlu stated that they embraced every field of art as a municipality; within this scope, they were very pleased with the fact that a relationship was built between Istanbul and Astana through art, and would be happy to be together with people of Astana in such projects. 

Toktar Ermekov, President of Association of Artists, indicated that everything would change, grow obsolete and even perish in time, but the art would continue living, and then gave various examples through art of painting from a historical perspective. 

The Exhibition which was previously realized in Istanbul, will be open to its visitors in Astana until July 10, 2015.