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"Current Problems of Turkish" Addressed at Tuesday Meetings

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Yunus Emre Institute invited Prof. Gürer Gülsevin, President of Turkish Language Association, to the training events and seminars it holds every Tuesday for its employees. The current problems of Turkish were discussed during the online seminar.


Yunus Emre Institute carries out multidimensional activities in order to meet the ever increasing demand in learning Turkish language around the world, and attaches importance to development and progress within its own organization. Yunus Emre Institute contributes to the professional development of its personnel during the pandemic through the weekly "Tuesday Meetings".

Employees working at Yunus Emre Institute centers around the world come together every Tuesday for the training events and seminars organized by the Directorate of Turkish Teaching and Turcology to increase their knowledge on Turkish grammar, questions and problems in the Turkish language, online education process, and modern techniques and methods.



The second round of "Tuesday Meetings" hosted Prof. Gürer Gülsevin, President of Turkish Language Association.

During the seminar held online at 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 1, "current problems of Turkish" were discussed.

Following the opening speech by Prof. Yavuz Kartallıoğlu, Director of Turkish Teaching and Turcology, Prof. Gürer Gülsevin, President of Turkish Language Association, took the floor. He talked about Turkish suffixes, word order, verb conjugation, tenses, and their current usage.

Following the seminar that shed light on the current problems of Turkish, Prof. Gürer Gülsevin answered questions from the participants.