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Master Class on Traditional Turkish Instruments at the Historical Music School in Varazdin

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Yunus Emre Institute brought traditional Turkish instruments together with music lovers in Croatia.

Zagreb Yunus Emre Institute, in cooperation with the Varazdin Baroque Festival and Varazdin School of Music, one of the most important educational institutions in Croatia, gave master classes in Croatia between April 11-15, 2022. Within the scope of the program, a concert was held in which folk songs that created important examples of Anatolian music were performed.

In the master classes held at the historical music school established in the city of Varazdin in 1826, Croatian music students and teachers at the school had the opportunity to get to know the traditional Turkish instruments kopuz, baglama, cura, cümbüş and fretless guitar.



The lessons were given in practice by musician Engin Topuzkanamış, who is an expert in the production of kopuz, baglama, and Oğur saz developed by artist Erkan Oğur. At the same time, Dokuz Eylül University (DEU) Faculty of Law Dr. Engin Topuzkanamış, who works as a faculty member, shared his experiences in making kopuz, Oğur saz, cümbüş, fretless guitar, and cura, which he produced in his workshop, with the students. Croatian students and teachers also had the opportunity to play traditional Turkish instruments for the first time.


Engin Topuzkanamış made the following remarks in his speech during the lecture:

‘’We had the opportunity to promote Turkish music and Turkish music instruments in Croatia in order to promote the cultures of the two countries and bring cultural relations closer. We had both master classes and concerts at Varazdin School of Music. Then we held another concert at the historical Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka. On this occasion, I’m pleased to see saz culture, which extends from the Turkish geography of Central Asia to Europe, the intercultural unifying power of music, once again in Croatia.’’

Stating that he hopes that projects involving the musical culture of the two countries will be made, Varazdin School of Music Director Davor Mataçiç spoke as follows:

‘’Our students and teachers had the opportunity to play Turkish instruments for the first time. In the coming period, we should continue our cooperation and introduce Croatian instruments in Turkey.’’

Referring to the partnerships between Turkish and Croatian music cultures, Zagreb Yunus Emre Institute Coordinator Fuat Korkmaz, on the other hand, reminded that good relations established in the field of music with many schools in Croatia since the past, and stated instruments such as Tanbura, which exist in the Croatian culture, are very close to the music culture, and that they should turn their partnerships into wealth.


During the ‘’Folk Songs of Anatolia’’ concerts organized in cooperation with Yunus Emre Institute, Varazdin Baroque Festival, Varazdin School of Music and the Croatian-Turkish Society of Rijeka, musician Engin Topuzkanamış performed composed Yunus Emre poems; ‘’Mecnunum Leyla’yı Gördüm’’, ‘’Nevruziye’’, ‘’Yavuz Geliyor Yavuz’’, Bülbülüm Altın Kafeste’’, Zeybek folk songs and many other works for Croatian music lovers.

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