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Reading in Turkish and German with Necdet Nedim in Cologne

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Cologne Yunus Emre Institute An St.  Theresia primary school organized a bilingual reading event in cooperation. The event was attended by the Head of the Department of German Translation and Interpretation of the Department of Translation Studies at the Faculty of Letters of Istanbul University and the author Prof. Necdet Nedim.  

During the event, readings were made from Nedim's own work, the children's book called "Şehrazat-The Secret of the Oyster", which was also translated into German. Many primary school students and teachers listened to the author with interest, who read in Turkish and German from the most exciting parts of the book. At the end of the event on June 10, 2022, the students had the opportunity to ask the questions they were curious about. Award-winning musician from Cologne, young talent Mert Aksoylu, accompanied writer Necdet Nedim during the transitions between book chapters with his accordion.

The Institute will continue its cultural and artistic activities at schools in and around Cologne throughout the year. Anyone who wants to carry out cultural and artistic activities such as bilingual reading or marbling art at their school can contact Cologne Yunus Emre Institute at the address koln@yee.org.tr.


Prof. Necdet Neydim is the Head of the Department of German Translation and Interpretation at the Faculty of Letters of Istanbul University. He is the founding president of the Child and Adolescent Culture and Literature Researchers Association (ÇİKEDAD) and Child Research Center (ÇAM) and a founding member of the Child Rights Coalition and Child Neglect and Abuse Prevention Platform. Neydim translated many children's books from German into Turkish. 

Among his many bilingual works published in Germany are works such as “Can I Trust You, Friend ?”, “Vertrauen und Freunden”, “The Child Seeing the Future”, Yunus, der Hellseher , My Daisy Friend”, “Mein Freund, das Gänseblümchen”.