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Turkish-Hungarian Folk Song Night in Budapest

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Hungarian artist Majda Maria Guessous, who loves Türkiye and folk songs, gave a concert consisting of Turkish-Hungarian folk songs From Me to You on November 4, 2022, at Budapest Yunus Emre Institute.

Majda Maria Guessoous, accompanied by her baglama, sang the folk songs of our folk minstrels from Aşık Veysel to Karacaoğlan, especially Yunus Emre's "Severim Ben Seni Candan İçeru" and our most popular folk songs such as "Mavilim", "Yemen Türküsü", "Ben Seni Sevduğumi" in two languages, Turkish and Hungarian.

Hungarians showed great interest in the concert and accompanied the folk songs with Guessous.


Guessous thanked Yunus Emre Institute for the concert and said that she enjoyed listening to folk songs as someone who grew up in folk songs. Guessous stated that she listened to folk songs and sayings that have been on the lips for tens and hundreds of years, filtered through the unique culture of Anatolia, and she has nearly forty Turkish folk songs in her repertoire and that the cultural structure in Hungary and that of Türkiye are very similar to each other. Stating that the brotherhood between Hungarians and Turks dates back a thousand years, the artist stated that she aims to be a bridge between Hungarian and Turkish culture with music.

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