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"Turkish Speaking Guide for Foreigners" Published

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Yunus Emre Institute prepared a comprehensive Speaking Guide to address the Turkish communication needs of foreigners visiting Turkey for various purposes. The Speaking Guide, which was published in Turkish-Arabic and Turkish-English and pronounced by expert vocal artists, allows foreigners easily learn by themselves the Turkish words and dialogues they need. The Speaking Guide is planned to be published in 20 more languages soon.

Yunus Emre Institute works for the teaching of Turkish as a foreign language in different geographies of the world through its cultural centres abroad. 

The Institute, which also carries out cultural and art activities, is preparing a "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" with its experience in the field. Offering basic and supplementary materials to different target audiences in line with the principles of modern approach, the Institute added a new one to its publications in the field of Turkish teaching.

The Institute carried out a study for those visiting Turkey for tourism, health, trade or different purposes as well as those learning Turkish as a foreign language. Yunus Emre Institute prepared the "Turkish Speaking Guide for Foreigners" to address the basic level Turkish communication needs of people who have contact with Turkey for limited durations.





The guide, prepared by expert trainers of the Institute in about six months through meticulous efforts, was designed in an interactive manner. The guide contains the words and sample dialogues from many social areas such as airport, hotel, restaurant, and hospital.  The guide includes 21 chapters based on words, necessary phrases and speaking dialogues. The very comprehensive guide covers the following topics: alphabet, numbers and colours, greeting and meeting, at the airport, at the hotel, at the restaurant, transportation, shopping, at the bank, asking for directions, at the phone shop, at the hospital, at the pharmacy, at the courier company, at the hairdresser/barber, social life (activities), emergencies, phrases, holidays, days, months and seasons, climate and weather and basic tenses. 


Turkish Speaking Guide for Foreigners was published in Turkish-English and Turkish-Arabic. The guide offers its users the opportunity to learn Turkish words and dialogues by themselves.

Turkish Speaking Guide helps foreigners visiting Turkey for any purpose and neither have been in contact with Turkish language before nor have attended a Turkish language course learn by themselves the dialogues in the fields that might be needed by foreigners. To this end, the guide, which was published in two versions - Turkish-English and Turkish-Arabic-, helps people improve their Turkish by making comparisons with their own languages. 


The guide, voiced by expert vocal artists, makes it easy to learn the pronunciation of Turkish words.

All words and sentences in the Speaking Guide were pronounced in order to reinforce the Turkish dialogues with listening skills and to provide information about the Turkish pronunciation. Turkish audio files were placed at the beginning of the chapters by using 2d barcodes. And the vocalisation of the book was done by expert vocal artists. A "notes" section was added to the end of each chapter so that the users can take notes. 


Turkish Speaking Guide for Foreigners will be published in 20 more languages.

The guide, whose English and Arabic versions were published considering the total number of speakers of the languages, is planned to be available in 20 different languages soon. 

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