Anatolian Melodies Meet with Dutch Music Lovers

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Anatolian melodies met with Dutch music lovers as part of the "Songs from Anatolia - Duygu Alkan Quintet" concert program organized by Amsterdam Yunus Emre Institute on the evening of October 1, 2021.


Under the leadership of Duygu Alkan, a quintet orchestra consisting of German bandir player Udo Demandt, Dutch guitarist Boris Oud, Greek oud player Alexandros Papadimitrakis and Romanian clarinetist Alex Simu gave a concert at the YEI building in Amsterdam. In this rich program, where music lovers showed great interest and multiculturalism is emphasized, the opening speech was made by the Turkish Consul General of Amsterdam, Engin Arıkan. Arıkan said, "The diversity of melodies reflects the different cultures and richness of Anatolia."


Duygu Alkan, an artist who performs as a vocalist in the field of Ottoman music in the Netherlands, where she is studying for her master's degree, said that this beautiful team they created met at the Descartes Conservatory in Rotterdam, the only place in Europe where Turkish music is taught.

Duygu Alkan said, "Music has been an occasion for us to come together and we have seen what we have in common. These aspects were what made us different from each other. By bringing these together, we turned music into a means to show the multicultural structure of Anatolia."

At the end of the highly acclaimed concert, guests were offered various Anatolian refreshments as a reflection of Turkish hospitality.


The award-winning Turkish artist Duygu Alkan, living in the Netherlands, performs Anatolian traditional music with the Duygu Alkan Quintet, which she created with musicians from different parts of the world. Each member of the group constantly performs at music venues in Europe.



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