Mother-Tongue Campaign in Western Europe

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Yunus Emre Institute organizes courses for children whose native language is Turkish in Western Europe. There is demand from many countries other than Western Europe for “I am Improving My Native Language Online Turkish Courses” held for children aged 7-16.


Yunus Emre Institute (YEI) has launched online Turkish courses for children aged 7-16 who live in Western Europe and whose native language is Turkish. The Institute aims to turn the accelerating digitalization process into an opportunity and bring Turkish to a wider audience. In this context, it also organizes online courses against the loss of Turkish language in Europe. The courses coordinated from Cologne target the Western European basin particularly countries such as Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Switzerland, the UK and Italy.


Cologne YEI Director Yılmaz Bulut talked about "I am Improving My Native Language Online Turkish Courses": 'We do our best to secure the future of Turkish language for new bilingual generations in Western Europe' Bulut emphasized that online Turkish courses paved the way for new opportunities in learning Turkish in addition to the courses held in cooperation with non-governmental organizations.

The practice covers children aged 7-16 who live in Western Europe and whose native language is Turkish. Students who would like to attend the courses can register through the Institute's social media accounts. When a sufficient number of applications are received by age groups, the courses start immediately. In order to enroll in online Turkish courses, an application can be filed through


In less than a month, 259 registrations from 12 countries were filed for the Turkish courses offered by Yunus Emre Institute. While the courses received the highest level of demand from Germany, students living in France, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and the UK follow Germany by the number of students enrolled in "I am Improving My Native Language Online Turkish Courses". Apart from Western European countries, students from Kuwait, USA, Canada and Kazakhstan also enrolled in the courses. 


We invite to our Turkish courses all our students aged 7-16 whose native language is Turkish. You can take the online Turkish courses of Yunus Emre Institute anywhere. You can learn Turkish interactively via different methods. We are at your service with our expert staff and high-quality materials. Our Turkish courses are free for all our students. Detailed information will be sent by e-mail after registration.

A new class is opened when the appropriate number for opening a course is reached according to the classification made by age groups. The number of enrolments is increasing each week especially as a result of meetings held with Yunus Emre Institutes and non-governmental organizations located in Western European countries. Around 500 students are expected to enroll in the courses within a month. 
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