The Pandemic Period, Through a Kaleidoscope

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Taking in the pandemic through a kaleidoscope: the digital “covidoscope” collection is bringing together expressions of emotions from around the world.  

The COVID-19 outbreak struck without warning, dropping the entire world population in at the deep end of unexpected experiences. Threatening the health and well-being of individuals and society as a whole, the disease also triggered a number of significant transformations in both the private sector, and the way certain processes are carried out in the public domain. 

In the state of uncertainty that descended, as people spent more time indoors and looking inwards, there was an accompanying increase in artistic expressions of how they felt. 

Through diverse inquiries, expressions, and techniques, both common feelings born of a shared global experience, and personal responses to it shaped in unique settings bore many varied fruits. 

This output, collectively formed at a pivotal and meaningful moment, and which as a whole, forms an emotive diary of life during a pandemic, comes together in the “covidoscope” project. It assembles a selection of the outpourings of feeling spanning from the very first days of the outbreak. Inspired by the multifarious, shifting, harmonious reflections of vivid colours seen through a kaleidoscope, our aim is to create a global pandemic memory bank which includes both commonalities, and subjective expressions.    

One section of the digital covidoscope collection shall be dedicated to widely acclaimed, outstanding examples of artistic works and aesthetic creations from around the globe. Other sections will enable the user to trace the works on world maps depicting emotions and themes. Our project underlines the solidarity formed between people grappling with the same unanticipated ordeals, and the integrating quality of emotional experiences. The archive formed shall be shared on the website in multiple languages. It is our hope that this will make the content easier to share, and spread the word further afield.

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