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13th and 14th Century Classical Turkish Literature Conference in Berlin and Vienna

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Berlin and Vienna Yunus Emre Institutes are hosting a conference series titled "An Online Journey into the Turkish Literature". With the participation of Turkish scholars, the first of the series handled the origins of Turkish literature, its important milestones and development in Anatolia under the theme of "13th and 14th Century Classical Turkish Literature". Conference was held in Turkish and German and attracted great interest.

Berlin and Vienna Yunus Emre Institutes are collaborating on a conference series titled "An Online Journey into the Turkish Literature". The first of the conference series, "13th and 14th Century Classical Turkish Literature" met with literature lovers on June 11, Friday.





The conference was introduced and moderated by Assoc. Prof. Ertuğrul Karakuş from Kırklareli University and presented by Assoc. Prof. Bünyamin Taş from Aksaray University. The conference was streamed live through the Institutes’ social media account in Turkish and simultaneously interpreted into German, and Taş explained how Western Turkish transformed into a language of literature in Anatolia. Taş emphasized that the Western Turkish spoken by the Oghuz developed as a language literature in a later period when compared to the Eastern English yet a miracle such as Yunus Emre was present in a much earlier period. The origins and development of Turkish literature, adoption of aruz, its journey in Anatolia and important milestones were discussed in the conference, and its simultaneous interpretation into German increased the interest further.




There are 12 different conferences within the scope of the series, which is in response to the fact that the German sources on Turkish literature are limited and there is limited content in the audiovisual media. This conference series will allow for the transmission of the historical process of Turkish literature from the 13th century to the modern day to its audience in German speaking countries. The second of the conference series will also include examples of men of letters and their works from the same period. The conferences are intended to be completed in 2021 and can be followed via the social media accounts of Berlin and Vienna Yunus Emre Institutes.


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